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Can Deskpro upgrade my on-premise instance on my behalf? - База знание / Sales, Billing & Consultancy / Consultancy & Services - Deskpro Support

Can Deskpro upgrade my on-premise instance on my behalf?

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This information is for standard upgrades if you are looking for information on upgrading from Deskpro Legacy to Deskpro Horizon. Please read this information: Managed Upgrades to Deskpro Horizon

Yes, Deskpro’s Support team are able to provide assistance with upgrading your on-premise Deskpro to the latest version.

A member of our technical team is able to provide these upgrades through consultancy.

How much does this managed upgrade service cost?

Our managed upgrade service costs $600.  

How can I purchase?
You can order the upgrade service from the billing area of your account.  Once you have purchased,  you'll receive an email from us where we'll request some information from you about your setup and provide a dedicated booking link for you to select an available time-slot for the upgrade to take place.

Is there anything specific needed in order to run a managed upgrade?

Please note that to carry out this service, we'll need root or administrator access to your server.

Have any further questions?
If you have any questions, please send an email to support@deskpro.com.

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