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On Hold until specific date time - Общност / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


On Hold until specific date time Finished

When setting a ticket on hold it is generally for some known period of time. For example a request comes in to disable an account 2 weeks into the future. The ability to set a ticket on hold until a specific date with an optional agent notification on that date/time would be extremely helpful.

Коментари (5)

Yes I agree I also would Like this feature
Aaron Bennett
yer and a message saying this ticket is on hold until (date: time) when we will re-examine it or the feature to set your own message for post dated tickets
Roland Nowak
Would be a nice feature to have
Aaron Bennett
Also a department closed message, so that if a ticket is put on hold because a department is closed, it teels the user and gives them the chance to escalate the ticket to another department if the department the ticket is opened with is closed.
Paul Davies
Hi Dave. It is now possible to make a ticket on-hold, as well as setting up a followup for tickets, based on a number of different criteria. Please see the article: https://support.deskpro.com/en/news/posts/introducing-follow-ups Best, Paul