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Ability to set date and time to 'On Hold' status - Общност / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to set date and time to 'On Hold' status Finished

Both our previous ticket systems had a way to set a date and time to the 'Hold' function so that when putting a ticket on hold, it will pop up back in view at a specific time. As it is now, putting a ticket on hold removes the ticket from view indefinitely and due to how escalation triggers work, it's difficult, if not impossible, to reliably configure an escalation trigger to change the hold status of a ticket.

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Ruth Cheesley
I'd agree with this. In previous systems we've used also, on-hold was a ticket status which meant they were still 'visible' per say. But being able to set them on hold for a specific period of time would be super helpful both for the customer and the agents/management. Also maybe to put a reason for it being on hold.
Brian VerDuin
Our company definitely needs this. The ability to choose a time to take tickets off hold would greatly improve our ticket management.
Colin Dunn
This is something we are looking at in its early stages at the moment. It would be a "Follow up" feature, so would have a bit more scope than just changing tickets hold status, it would include the ability to change any sort of attributes (departement/team/workflow/urgency/status) etc. - but on a specific delay, so the action happens at a specific time. It is early days in production, but we do appreciate all your feedback and interest and will be sure to keep you updated on development of such a function!
Jeroen van der Steen
A follow-up feature such as you described sounds great to me as well. If you can change any ticket properties (maybe even custom fields?), that also opens up the possibility of using Triggers to achieve basically everything once a follow-up event has fired. Perhaps the ability to send an agent reply (or place an agent note) after a given time would be a possibility as well, maybe even with an option to stop this from happening if a user reply comes in in the meantime. This would be interesting for cases where you want a fully customized reminder to be send (meaning that something involving an Escalation won't do), and where you can already write this reminder at the time that you're dealing with the ticket, so that everything is still fresh in your mind. (The alternative would be to store such a pre-written message as a draft or as a note and to send it in response to the follow-up event.)
Matthew Wray
Hi all, Just wanted to ensure you'd all seen the follow ups feature now available: https://support.deskpro.com/en/news/posts/introducing-follow-ups This allows you to remove/place a ticket on hold after a specified time has elapsed. There are also a number of other actions you can run on the ticket as well with this feature!