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Moving from on-premise to cloud - Managing Deskpro On-Premise / Troubleshooting - Deskpro Support

Moving from on-premise to cloud

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The process of moving from on-premise to cloud is easy. You export your data, send it to us, and then our agents will handle the migration into the cloud platform and any other work necessary (such as performing intermediary updates).

The process must be planned in advanced and scheduled with our team. Please open a ticket to get started.



Q: How long does it take?

A: The time it takes to perform the move depends entirely on the state of your helpdesk. 

Larger helpdesks mean larger exports, so there is an overhead of simply uploading/downloading the data and extracting it. If your helpdesk is outdated, then there's also time that is needed to upgrade it to the same version as the cloud platform.

So the two things you can do to reduce the time it takes is to pre-update your instance of Deskpro to the latest version, and then make sure you have a fast host to upload your data to (the faster the host, the faster you can upload it and the faster our agents can download it).


Q: What are the differences? What will I need to change or update?

A: The cloud platform uses the same software as the on-premise version. However, there are some small changes in how things operate that you'll need to manage:

  • Incoming Email: The cloud platform gives you email addresses ( that all email needs to flow through. The cloud platform does NOT check external POP3/IMAP/Exchange accounts. So if you wish to continue using custom email addresses, you will need to configure email forwarding from your own email addresses to Deskpro Cloud email addresses.
  • Network Connections: If you are using a custom SMTP server for outbound email, or if you have other external services such as LDAP/ActiveDirectory or JIRA, then make sure your firewall allows connections from external IP addresses.


Q: Can I use a custom domain/URL?

A: Yes. The cloud platform allows you to set a custom domain. We also automatically manage HTTPS certificates for free.



1. (You/Us) Open a ticket with us. We'll work with you to schedule a time to make the move. It's helpful if you provide us with the following information. You can copy+paste this into a ticket and just add your answers:

  • I want to use this master domain: (The master domain is the main name of your account. You can add a custom domain later.)
  • I know roughly how large my installation is: X,XXX tickets and X,XXX users


2. (You) On the move day, just before the scheduled time, shut down your helpdesk from the admin interface. Then make a database backup as described here. You should compress the backup (e.g. using zip or gzip) as the uncompressed dump can be very large.


3. (You) You also need to archive (e.g. zip, gzipped tar) the /attachments directory in the root of Deskpro to get an attachment backup. (On older Deskpro versions, this was called /data/files).

This directory may be empty, in which case you can skip this step.


4. (You) Upload the database backup and the attachemtns backup somewhere where our agents can download it. For example, you might upload it to the old helpdesk URL and provide us with a link, you might upload it to a server and provide us with SSH details, etc. If there is no standard way for your organization to share large files, then you can fallback on using a file share service like OneDrive.


5. (You/Us) Reply to your open ticket with instructions on how our agents can download the database backup and attachments backup.


6. (Us) We will download the data and import it into the cloud platform.


7. (You) After everything is done, we'll reply to your ticket to let you know the process is complete. At this time you'll need to make any adjustments necessary, such as enabling email forwarding.

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