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I don't want to show the author for Knowledgebase articles - Kiến thức cơ bản / Developer & Reporting / Portal Customization - Deskpro Support

I don't want to show the author for Knowledgebase articles

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How do I remove the author attribution for Knowledgebase articles on the portal? I don't want to show this information.



You can do this by editing two templates. Go to Admin > Portal > Templates and click on the Articles folder. 

Edit article.html and delete this line:


<li class="dp-author"><i class="dp-icon-user"></i> {{ article.person.display_name_user }}</li>


Do the same for browse.html.


This will remove the author name when viewing an individual article or browsing a category. 

If you make a mistake editing one of the templates and there's a problem displaying those pages, just select the problem template and use Revert to default.

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Joerg Boehme

Admin -> User Interface -> Portal -> Template Editor -> scroll down to "Articles" ->

1. edit "view.html" and delete this line ...

<span class="agent-avatar agent-avatar-mini"></span>

... and save it!

2. edit "ArticleList/Detail.html" and delete this line ...

Posted by <span class="agent-avatar agent-avatar-mini"></span>{{ article.person.display_name_user }}

... and save it!

3. Go back to "Portal" (-Editor) and klick the "Prieview Changes"-button. Klick on an article in your KB. Now you don't see the author and his avatar! Klick the "Save Changes"-button.

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