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Enable triggers to jump - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

It would be very useful if you could implement an action like "proceed at trigger #xxx".

I am checking for X-Priority in the email header and set the ticket's urgency accordingly. Recently I reorganized my triggers and now I am using the urgency as a counter. Hence a triggered trigger resets the counter/urgency to 1 and the very last trigger checks for X-Priority. However now I am thinking about adding triggers that stop trigger processing after finding their catch phrase to keep the ticket's full log clear. Then, of course, the X-Priority is trigger isn't processed anymore. Hence it would be a nice feature if I could add an action that enables these "stopping triggers" to jump directly to the X-Priority trigger and to skip all triggers in-between.
I know I could set a trigger variable but then I would have to change all subsequent triggers to also check for this variable. Since I am already using trigger variables and I have over 150 triggers running this definitely won't come in useful for the clarity of the triggers workflow ;)

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