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Add new setting for agent's: "Default Ticket Reply Type" - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add new setting for agent's: "Default Ticket Reply Type" Collecting Feedback

Please could you add a new setting for Agents in their personal preferences to be able to set their preferred ticket response type either to "Add New Ticket Reply" or "Add New Ticket Note" when any given ticket is loaded.

So for example if an agent had the new setting (Default Ticket Reply Type) to "Ticket Note" then when a ticket would load, the tab would be set automatically to "Add Ticket Note" instead of the "Add Ticket Reply". Otherwise the default behaviour of loading the Ticket Reply tab would be as expected.

We have several agents who work internally on the tickets and only add ticket notes, leaving the communication to customers to other agents so they have requested this feature to make Deskpro work for their purposes.

The setting could go in an agents preferences screen within the ticket section as shown in the image labelled feature-request1.png and the setting would affect the ticket window pane as show in the image feature-request2.png

Please let me know if you would like any further information.

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Zsolt Kiss
Hello Claire, we have a similar method, but i solved it by grouping the agents who use notes only into a separated agent group with a dedicated agent permission group. Here i've set up that they can add notes but they are not able to set the the status to awaiting agent or user. With this settings these users will be able to add notes only.
Douglas Martin
We have agents that do need to reply but mostly uses the notes tab. They have accidentally sent a reply to clients that they intended to be internal notes. Since Reply is the default this is an easy mistake to make. So I support the need to have an option to default to ticket note tab for some users.

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