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Can I import the tickets and other information from my legacy helpdesk? - Bilgi Bankası / Developer & Reporting / Data Import & Export - Deskpro Support

Can I import the tickets and other information from my legacy helpdesk?

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I'm switching from a different helpdesk. Can I import all my data from there into Deskpro?



Provided there's a way to export the information you want from the legacy helpdesk (like an export function or an API), you can import it into Deskpro.

1. If you're using Deskpro On-Premise, you can use the importer tool to do this yourself.


2. We currently provide importers for the following products. Please follow the instructions for the product you wish to import your data from.

1. Kayako

2. Zendesk

3. Spiceworks

4. OsTickets


3. If you're using Deskpro Cloud, you can use the API, or we can import the data for you for a fee.

The fee involved will depend on the complexity of the project: please email for details. Make sure to include:

  • details of what information you need imported (which ticket fields, which user fields, labels etc. etc.)

  • the data export options from the legacy system (is there an API? an export option in the interface? do you have direct access to the database?) and what format the exported data is in

  • roughly how many records (tickets, users etc.) are involved


4. CRM and Agent Data.

Deskpro includes a tool to upload a CSV of your user data directly from within the admin interface. This works on both On-Premise and Cloud deployments of Deskpro.

If you have users from another system and you want to quickly create Deskpro accounts for them, you can import a CSV file via the admin interface. The CSV file is a simple comma-separated file that can be easily exported from a program like Excel. The CSV importer can be found in CRM > CSV Import.

For details of how to use it, see the admin manual section Importing user data in CSV format

You can also import agent data in the admin interface under Agents using the Bulk Add Agents button.

You can either bulk invite agents by supplying a list of email addresses, or upload their details in CSV format. See the admin manual section Bulk adding agents.

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