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I'm having trouble with forwarding user emails to the helpdesk - Kunskapsbas / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

WARNING: You're browsing documentation for an older version of Deskpro. For the most up-to-date version, see: I'm having trouble with forwarding user emails to the helpdesk

I'm having trouble with forwarding user emails to the helpdesk


Deskpro can understand that an email from a user that is forwarded to the helpdesk by an agent should be made into a ticket for the original user.

If this is not working check the following:


1. Check that this feature is enabled: in Admin > Tickets > Forward Settings, make sure Enable smart-parsing of emails forwarded into the helpdesk by agents is checked.


2. If this feature is enabled, check that when your agents forward an email, the subject line is changed so it's prefixed with something like FW: or FWD: at the beginning. Deskpro relies on this to detect forwarded email.

You can change what prefixes Deskpro looks for in Admin > Tickets > Forward Settings. Select Use a custom Subject regular expression for detecting forwarded emails. You have to enter the pattern to look for in PCRE regular expression syntax.

The default regular expression is:


 which will match subject lines with any of the letter combinations in the brackets, preceded by :, regardless of case, at the beginning; for example:


but not:

Please no more Fwd: messages

If your email system prefixes forwards with Forward:, then you could just modify the regular expression to be:



If your email system isn't prefixing forwarded emails at all, you will need to change its settings. Consult your email system documentation to find out how to do this.


3. Your email server may not be including the user's email address in the From: header when you forward the email. This is common when using Exchange/Outlook. See this article for how to fix this.

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