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Search/filter and delete options for uploaded images - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Search/filter and delete options for uploaded images Collecting Feedback

Currently when you upload images into your content library, so that you can insert them into knowledgebase articles, there is no option to search/filter or delete those uploads.<br />
This means that your library quickly becomes a monster and finding things a pain. The additional thing with this is that images can quickly become irrelevant or not to be used but we have no way of deleting.

If for example you change a logo, you upload the new one but you have to rely on everyone knowing not to use the old one.

In addition it would be marvellous if we had a 'replacement' option, so if you did have a new logo, you could choose to replace the old image with a new one and all the relevant articles would auto update to the replacement with the same settings/sizes you set them with.

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