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Where can I find my License Key file?

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If you are looking to obtain a new license code for your Deskpro on-premise installation, most likely to extend an evaluation version of the software, you will need to provide us with your “Key File” - this is not to be confused with your License ID or License Code.


To find this, access the Billing section of your Deskpro admin dashboard.



This will take a you to your licensing and billing page, allowing you to immediately purchase the software and update your license code. This example page has been filled with dummy data.



If a Deskpro agent has requested your “Key File” specifically to extend a demo, you will need to provide them with the file generated when you press “Download Key File” as pictured. The file contains the token required to generate a new license key. It will be very small text file ( .txt), and only a few kilobytes in size.


Please attach this file as is into a response back to the sales or support team if this has been requested from you. You will then receive a new license code which you can update on this page by replacing the text in “Update License Code”.  We are always here to help if you need any further information.


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