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SSL Errors during upgrade

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We enabled HTTPS on all communications between Deskpro and our servers. This means routines like the automatic upgrader will use a secure HTTPS URL when checking for updates or downloading the latest version.



If you are getting errors while attempting to download updates, this article offers a workaround. The errors usually look something like this:

Curl error: 60 SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain



cURL is a library used by Deskpro to perform web requests. The error is caused by your server using outdated root certificates. When cURL attempts to verify Deskpro's SSL certificate, your server is missing a root certificate and therefore the validation fails.

Ideally you should update the ca-bundle on your server, but below we offer an easier solution.



Download the attached, extract, then upload to your server to:



This will only be necessary for customers using build <=409. From build 410 and newer, we bundle the latest certificate bundles within Deskpro so even if your server is using old certificates, the upgrader should still function.

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