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How can I integrate WHMCS with Deskpro?

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There is a third-party module to integrate your Deskpro helpdesk with the WHMCS automation system for web hosts.

The module was developed by HEAP Software. See their WHMCS/Deskpro module page for details and to order. 

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Jon Morby
they've apparently not sold any licenses so far and haven't updated the module since WHMCS v5 ... support is incredibly slow to respond and generally it doesn't seem like an amazing solution :(

Tighter integration / support would be better (and no sadly I don't see Zapier offering that either)

Please look into WHMCS and see the features it offers / etc and see how you could use their hooks to fully integrate DeskPro as a native support client / replacement.

With the "demise" of Kayako, now is an ideal time to try and pick up the thousands of hosters who use Kayako / WHMCS / WHMCS's built in ticketing system (imho)

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