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How do I link to an individual ticket? - Knowledgebase / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

How do I link to an individual ticket?

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Is there a way to send someone a link to a particular ticket in Deskpro?


Close all other tabs apart from the ticket you want to link to, and then copy the URL in your browser address bar:


When another agent on your helpdesk clicks the link, it will open that ticket, provided they are logged in.

Note this will not work with someone who doesn't have an agent account on your helpdesk.

Another quick way to refer to a particular ticket is to use the ticket ID. Mouse over the ID and click on the yellow clipboard icon to copy the ID to your clipboard.

If you want to refer to a ticket by its ref code, first click the ID to display the ref code, then click the yellow clipboard icon.

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I would expect that when a website link, ticket id, or ticket ref code is entered/pasted in a reply, note, or chat it becomes a clickable link.
I would also expect the ticket id copy button to be able to return a http link instead of just text.

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