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We often receive requests that need approval from a business owner. For example User X requests access to a file share that Manager X needs to approve before granting access. Generally we would send the approval request only to the manager and once they reply back with authorization the request is fulfilled.

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Jeff Spicer
This is a feature I would like to see as well. This would be a good example of a feature that could be used when a user requests a piece of hardware or software as well.
This is high on our hit list too. Though a couple of suggestions on how the flow may work:

- Agent can select an email address from the submitting organisation to go to an Approver email address.
- When the ticket is marked for approval, an email is sent to the requestor saying “your ticket has been submitted for approval by X at your orgainsation”
- The Approver gets an email saying “you have a request to approve”. This contains a link to a hidden page on the deskpro server e.g.
- This page is a 1 time hit page so can only be used the once to approve/decline the request, at which point the request cant be changed again.
- The page has an Approve/Decline button, with a comments section so that the Approver can state why they declined a request.
- If the Approver approves the request, the ticket it sent back into the “awaiting tech” queue for processing by an engineer.
- If the Approver declines the request, the original Requestor gets an email back saying their request was declined by X person in their organisation. (this avoids techs becoming involved in internal company politics and the “why was this declined” issue).
Adam Smeets
Also something we would love to see as well!
Mike Sheldon
Agreed, please add.
We've requested this as well and at the time of the request (Dec, 2015), we were told that there's no solution as yet and that one workaround was to use the API to change the ticket Workflow state.
Rami Ali
This was since 2014 and still has planning status ?
This is something we would like to see as well: we often have to have a department supervisor approve equipment requisitions and things of that nature, so this would be a great help.
jan dijk
Yes a very good additions, if it exists, many companies will use this sooner or later
Samuel Waser
We would like to see this feature as well. It would be great if approvals could get triggered by different criterias. Also, internal approvals from agents for internal tickets would be great.

Agent X has a specific request which needs to be approved by Agent Y (in the role of CISO for example)
Matthew Wray
Hi all,

We are pleased to announce we have added a new approvals feature into Deskpro with release 2019.9.

You can read more about the feature in the news post below:

Do let us know your thoughts on the feature and any suggestions you may have for future development!