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Can I move from Deskpro On-Premise to Deskpro Cloud? - Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

Can I move from Deskpro On-Premise to Deskpro Cloud?

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It is possible to switch from Deskpro On-Premise to Deskpro Cloud.  The process is relatively straightforward and involves you providing a backup of your database so that we can upload this to the cloud for you.

The main thing to note is that there is a period of downtime during the switchover, so you need to consider what time is best for you to make this change. We can only implement switchovers during UK working hours.

Process for switching over

  1. Plan a convenient time to go through with the switchover
  2. Let us know when you would like it to happen - please give as much notice as possible
  3. Carry out a full backup and stop using old helpdesk
  4. Provide backup to Deskpro
  5. Deskpro transfers data to new Cloud helpdesk
  6. Set up email forwarding to the new helpdesk

Backup procedure

You need to provide:

1. A database backup

2. The contents of the /data/files directory within the Deskpro install folder.

Carry out the database backup as you normally would - see the Sysadmin Guide for details.

You will need to arrange with Deskpro support how we can access the resulting files securely.

Ticket email forwarding with Cloud

Deskpro Cloud ticket email accounts work differently from On-Premise accounts. With Cloud, you will need to forward the emails from each account to a special address.

See the admin manual for more information: Custom email address configuration



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