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Add a "copy message to new ticket" to ticket "Actions" - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add a "copy message to new ticket" to ticket "Actions" Collecting Feedback

The 'split message to new ticket' feature is handy. However, sometimes there is a message you want to create a new ticket from without removing it from the existing ticket. It frequently happens that a customer responds with something like 'Here's more information about the problem....and oh, by the's another completely unrelated question'  it would be nice to be able to copy, rather than split, these to a new ticket without removing the message from the original.

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Geraldine Menard
I think that is what I just described in my suggestion : "More conversation in linked tickets created" . Perhaps these 2 suggestions could be merged? thanks!
Christian Mattart
Is « create a linked ticket » the corresponding feature?

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