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Getting Started

Tour of DeskPRO

There are three main interfaces in DeskPRO:

Admin interface

Found at - where you set up your helpdesk

Agent interface

Found at - where your agents go to help your users/customers. Incoming problems are shown as tickets.

User portal

Found at - a web interface for your users to get help (optional - you can disable this if you want).


Learning the basics

To quickly start using your helpdesk, go to the admin interface and follow the Launching Your Helpdesk guide (we have emailed a personalised version of the guide to you). This guide will show you how to do the key  support email addresses to DeskPRO.

To understand how the agent interface works, see the Agent Quick Start Guide (PDF).


More information

There's comprehensive documentation on how to use DeskPRO at

For troubleshooting specific issues, and "how-to" guides for particular use cases, see our Knowledgebase.

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