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User Ticket Search Functionality in User Interface - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


User Ticket Search Functionality in User Interface Finished

1.) Please include the Ticket Number in the Search Results.<br /><br /> 2.) The TICKETS section, in search results, shows both OPEN and RESOLVED tickets, which are not shown in their respective categories.<br /><br /> 3. Please provide capability to search on Ticket Number or Keyword, as is possible in the Agent Interface.<br /><br /> 4. When searching on Category or Last Reply, please show those fields in the search results, and add status (OPEN, RESOLVED) as a filter as well.

Comments (3)

Raul Lopez
It is really urgent for us that customer can use the search of tickets. No one is interested in that option?
Chris Padfield
It's coming very soon :)
Chris Padfield
This feature has been released. The plan is to launch on cloud services on Monday.