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Does Deskpro support multiple languages?

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You are browsing the Legacy version of this article. For the current version, see: Does Deskpro support multiple languages?

Deskpro has support for 29 languages (at the time of writing) and we are working to add more. 

Supported languages include:

  • العربية (Arabic)

  • 英语(美国) (Chinese (Simplified))

  • Čeština (Czech)

  • Dansk (Danish)

  • Nederlands (Dutch)

  • Suomen Kieli (Finnish)

  • Français (French)

  • Deutsch (German)

  • Ελληνικά (Greek)

  • Magyar (Hungarian)

  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

  • Italiano (Italian)

  • 本語 (Japanese)

  • 영어 (Korean)

  • Norsk (Norwegian)

  • فارسی (Persian)

  • Polski (Polish)

  • Português (Portuguese)

  • Română (Romanian)

  • Pусский (Russian)

  • Español (Spanish)

  • Slovenian (Slovenian)

  • Slovenčina (Slovak)

  • Svenska (Swedish)

  • Türkçe (Turkish)

  • English (UK)

  • English (US)

  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

  • Cymraeg (Welsh)

To see the currently available languages, go to Admin > Setup > Languages. If the language you want is not yet available, or you wish to help translate any of the language packs further, for the Help Center you can use our crowdsourced translation system to help us add it.

Next to each language, you can see which interfaces are supported. "User" means that the user-facing text (the portal and emails to users) will be translated. "Agent" means the Agent interface and emails to Agents will be translated.


To use a language, you must first install it. See

in the Admin manual for details.

Users will then be able to select their preferred language on your portal: 

If the Agent interface is supported, Agents will be able to change language from their Preferences.

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Lieven Embrechts
We should be able to set a preferred language for an organisation, set a preferred language for a user, And then the language could be inherited from organisation to user to tickets. In that way mail templates can follow the languages.

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