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Can I change the color of the ticket reply/note box? - Base de connaissances / Developer & Reporting / Deskpro Apps - Deskpro Support

Can I change the color of the ticket reply/note box?

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Is it possible to change the background color of the reply or note box in a ticket to make it easier to distinguish which tab the agent is typing in?


Yes, we have created an app that allows an admin to set a different background color for both the agent reply input area and the note input area. Below are the steps to get the app installed and set up: 

1. Download the .zip file attached to this article.

2. Go to Admin > Apps > Apps.

3. Press 'Upload App'.

4.  Ensure the 'Upload app from your computer' option is selected > click the 'Select the app ZIP file' button > upload the app.

5. Choose the color you would like each input box to be by entering a hex code into the entry box. You can use a website such as to  choose a color and get the hex code. Then click 'Install App'. 

6. Once installed, you can determine which agents will have the new colored reply/note boxes.

8. Refresh the browser to see the final result.

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