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Built-in department field Finished

Currently, the titles of the default fields have static names. It would be great to be able to adjust these just like it is possible in many other cases.

e.g. We use the tool for only one department. When a user wants to request something through a form, they see the "Departments" field. However, we don't use these for departments. Instead, we use it for types of inquiries. We would like to adjust the title of this field to represent this.

Réponse officielle

Lara Proud

As Jeroen explained, this can be translated. In the Admin interface, go to 'Configuration' > 'Phrase Translation', then select the Help Center UI tab. From here you can use the search bar to find the phrase Department (helpcenter.general.department) and customize it to suit your use. Additionally the individual Department names under 'Ticket Structure' > 'Departments' can be customized to better fit your needs.

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Jeroen Geilman
This is translated, of course: