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DeskPRO Build #122 Released - Uutiset / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

syysk. 17 2012

DeskPRO Build #122 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #122.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Fix online agent going offline not putting them back into offline list
  • Prevent races that can be common when using custom refs with no random component
  • Fix error in IE on newticket
  • Fix possibility of out-of-order CM processing could cause list numbers not to be updated after reply
  • Fix showing some trigger actions in macros
  • Enable link to API key management in the admin interface
  • Assorted API tweaks/bug fixes.
  • Default values for cats, pris and workflows
  • Add default choice option to custom choice fields
  • Trim off signature when switching to note mode
  • Clean up user rows in newticket
  • Dont log 404s to error log anymore either
  • Tweak unverified user message, fix position of newticket button, fix missing phrase
  • Fix status select not updating to new status after reply
  • Remove multiple notify rows of same object when clicking one
  • Fix report interface switcher
  • Dont report smtp failures to us
  • Fix error when invalid reset password form
  • Dont report pop3 to us
  • Get rid of some old sources
  • Fix warning when using triggers to force notify someone of ticket notification
  • Fix saving invalid blobs from filesystem to database
  • Handle 404 when download not found
  • Use getId to get ID of fields so record isnt lazy-loaded
  • Fix reloading self after approving user
  • Fix passing string instead of timezone object when adding new tasks with due date
  • Handle error when trying to create a thumbnail for a non-image
  • Fix warning when saving phrase with no master phrase
  • Expand API such that valid values for editable data (department, priority, etc) can be listed via the API.
  • Clean up tasks/flagged tab
  • Borders on times tab
  • Counters on flag/tasks tab
  • Toggle full message by clicking when viewing log tab
  • Move ticket message counter into content box
  • List of tickets on orgs uses standard ticket search. Fixes showing tickets even if you didnt have permission to see them
  • Fix links to tickets in user/org activity streams
  • Shift-P opens profile page
  • Fix toggling popover windows sometimes resulting in 'unsaved data' notice when nothing changed
  • Dont show inline images as attachments
  • Fix adding user to usergrouping removing other users
  • Fix closing person popover showing alert about unsaved changes
  • Reposition cut marker to be inside equals-delims, prevents accidentally putting cursor within cut line element
  • Single marker point to prevent possible copy+pasting mistakes, require marker line in agent replies

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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