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3. Add agents to Deskpro - Tietokanta / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

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3. Add agents to Deskpro

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Now that your helpdesk is starting to take shape, we need to get some extra hands on deck. 

Let’s add your team of support staff to Deskpro as Agents.

Agents are accounts within Deskpro that can be used to interact with your helpdesk. They’re usually associated with individuals in your organization who are involved with customer support in one way or another. 

For example, you may have several support staff - as well as managers and directors. These can call be added as Agents to your helpdesk.

Before adding individuals as agents, try to give them a heads up about your Deskpro trial ahead of time - just so you’re not inundated with questions from confused colleagues.

Let’s add everyone who will be an agent to your helpdesk now. Go to Admin > Agents > Agents.

Click the + Bulk Add Agents button, and enter the email addresses of the individuals in your organization that will be using your helpdesk. Now click Next Step.

These individuals will receive an email notifying them that they now have Agent accounts in Deskpro.

By default, all Agents will have all Permissions enabled. Permission settings determine how Agents can interact with the helpdesk. 

You can change these whenever you like - but let’s not complicate things too much for ourselves just yet.

For more information on adding agents to your helpdesk, refer to our guide.

Or read the next article in the 'Getting Started' series on connecting your helpdesk to customer channels.

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