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List of re-opened tickets - DPQL Reports - Deskpro Support

This report will output a list of tickets that have been reopened with agent and customer details:

SELECT AS 'Ticket ID',  tickets_logs.ticket.subject, tickets_logs.ticket.agent,, tickets_logs.date_created AS 'Date Reopened'

FROM tickets_logs

WHERE tickets_logs.action_type = 'changed_status' AND tickets_logs.id_before = '200' AND tickets_logs.id_after <> '210' 

GROUP BY AS 'Ticket log ID'

ORDER BY tickets_logs.ticket.agent 

Here we're using the ticket log ids to see when a ticket is changing from the status 'Resolved' to another status.

We're referencing  the status code '200' which represents resolved.

We're also using '210' which is the code for archived to exclude archived tickets from the  report.

The full list of status codes is:

Awaiting agent100
Awaiting user110

And you can read the full list of available ticket fields in the logs table in our reports guide.

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