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1. Personalize your helpdesk - مرکز آموزش / Legacy: Getting Started - Deskpro Support

1. Personalize your helpdesk

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First thing’s first, let’s make Deskpro your helpdesk by naming it and adding your website details.

Your helpdesk name is displayed to users and agents in their browser window title and is also used in the default footer of emails sent from Deskpro.

This lets people know that this is your official helpdesk.

To change your helpdesk name and website details, go to Admin > Setup > Settings in the helpdesk interface.

personalize your helpdesk.png

Enter your desired helpdesk name and website details, then click Save at the bottom of the interface.

For more information on personalizing your helpdesk, refer to our guide.

Or read the next article in the 'Getting Started' series on organizing your departments.

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