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How can I have different signatures in emails for tickets in different departments? - Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

How can I have different signatures in emails for tickets in different departments?

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My company provides support for several different brands, with each brand having its own department in Deskpro. Can my agents have different email signatures for different departments, with a different company name and telephone number on each?


You can achieve this using Deskpro's email template system.

1. Make sure agents' signatures only contain their names, and don't include brand-specific information.

2. Look up the ID numbers of each department in Admin > Tickets > Departments using the gear icon at the top right of the department list.

3. For each department, create some template code like this: 

{% if == 1 %}<br>Brand X Support - Tel 555-183-555<br>{% endif %}

where the number is the ID of the department, and the HTML code inside the if statement is what you want to appear at the bottom of emails for that department.

4. In Admin > Emails > Email Templates > Layout, edit the Footer template and add the code for all your departments you made in step 3:



5. Click Save.


Note that if you want to the same footer code in multiple departments, you can do:


{% if == 1 or == 2 %}


If you have a multi-language helpdesk and you need to translate signatures, instead of entering the HTML directly in the template, you should create a custom phrase for each department and include that in the template instead e.g.

{% if == 1 %}{{ phrase('custom.dept1-sig') }}{% endif %}

Then create translations for each custom phrase.


For more information about the email template language, see the Editing templates chapter of the admin manual.

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