Why is my Deskpro On-Premise installation not accounting for daylight savings time?


I have set my agent account to use the correct time zone for my location, but it is not taking account a recent change to daylight savings time/summer time, so all times I see in the agent interface are off by one hour.


How do I fix this?




Deskpro takes its timezone definition from the server you installed it on.

If you've set the correct time zone in agent Preferences (at the top left of the agent interface), but you're still seeing wrong times, you probably need to update your server's timezone data. How you do this depends on your operating system.


On Redhat/Centos:

yum update tzdata


On Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get update tzdata



After you do this, you may need to restart PHP (if using php-fpm) or your webserver for the update to take effect.


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