I've lost admin permissions and I'm locked out of Deskpro On-Premise


When I try to log into my admin account, I get a message that I don't have admin permissions. I think the account was changed to a normal agent by mistake. There's no other admin account I can use, so I'm locked out of Deskpro. Is there some way I can make a new admin account?


From the command line, run:

php bin/console dp:agents make-admin

You will then be prompted to enter the email address of a user you want to promote to admin.


You can use

php /path_to_deskpro/bin/console dp:agents

to see a list of agent accounts.


If this method doesn't work, you could edit the MySQL database directly.

In the people table, find your account and set is_agent=1 and can_admin=1.

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