How do I generate a report that doesn't include tickets created on the weekend?

For organizations that only provide support during Monday to Friday, it makes sense to exclude data from the weekend in reports to accurately develop a picture of helpdesk performance.

If you'd like to create a report that excludes tickets that were created at the weekend, add the following to the WHERE line in your DPQL query

AND DAYOFWEEK(tickets.date_created) NOT IN ('1', '7')

As you can see, this sets conditions on which days of the are included in the report by excluding day 7 (Saturday), and day 1 (Sunday).

For example, here is a an example of a report which will give you the number of tickets created any time, grouped by department and agent, whilst excluding tickets created on the weekend.

For more information on how to create reports and build queries, refer to our guide on the anatomy of a DPQL query.

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