How can I get Deskpro to act like a Desktop app, not just in Chrome?

Have you ever wanted Deskpro to act like a Desktop app with it’s own icon in your Taskbar (like below)? As opposed to another tab or window in Chrome? Well read on!



The image above shows Deskpro as its own standalone icon on the Taskbar and not as a Chrome tab/window. Making it an even easier process to access Deskpro (especially if you often use multiple tabs in Chrome). You can even pin this icon to the Taskbar so you don’t even have to navigate to the Desktop, you can open Deskpro with 1 click on the Taskbar!


To do this, when on the Deskpro Agent interface in Chrome, open the options in Chrome (shown below)



Then navigate to “More Tools”, then select “Add to Desktop”.



After this it is important that the “Open as window” is selected. If this is not selected it will open as a new window in Chrome.


You will now have a Deskpro Agent interface Desktop icon which allows Deskpro to act like a Desktop app. You can make access even easier by pinning it to the Taskbar.

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