Configure a proxy server for HTTP requests made by Deskpro

In some situations, Deskpro itself may make HTTP requests: Downloading updates, executing a webhook, consuming web APIs such as with the JIRA app, etc.

Starting with Deskpro v5.2.0, you can make Deskpro use a proxy server for these HTTP requests by editing config/advanced/config.settings.php and adding one of these three configuration variants:

$SETTINGS['http_client'] = [
    'proxy' => 'http://localhost:8125',

    // or
    'proxy' => 'tcp://localhost:8125',

    // or
    'proxy' => [
        'http'  => 'tcp://localhost:8125', // Use this proxy with "http"
        'https' => 'tcp://localhost:9124', // Use this proxy with "https",
        'no'    => ['', '']    // Don't use a proxy with these
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