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Update From Source


This page will describe how to manually update DeskPRO source files and run database migrations.

  1. Download a fresh Deskpro distrbution from
  2. Before going any further, make sure to back-up the files on your LIVE server.
  3. Extract the zip and upload the contents to your LIVE server

NOTE: Make sure you do NOT delete/overwrite these directories:

  • attachments/
  • backups/
  • config/

If you are using a file transfer tool (e.g. using an SFTP client), some tools may default to deleting existing directories instead of merging. The directories in the ZIP will be blank, whereas on your LIVE server there will be real production data you want to keep.

  1. Finally, you need to run a database migrations script to update our database with any schema changes required by the new build:
cd /path/to/deskpro
/path/to/php bin/console dp:upgrade

Update using custom build

There might come a moment when you need to upgrade to a custom Deskpro build.

Never try to downgrade your version of Deskpro. Your database will become most probably corrupted and unusable.

  1. Download the custom build. Change from 34670 to the desired build number.
bin/console dp:distro:download-build
bin/console dp:distro:download-build /tmp/
  1. Activate the custom build
bin/console dp:update:activate-build 34670
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First published: 21/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 11, 2019 by Hugo Pinto