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Update Deskpro


There are several different methods to update Deskpro:

These options describe the update procedure for Deskpro v5.x, v2018.x, and v2019.x.

If you're using v4 (builds <= v443) or v3 please refer to the legacy guide: Upgrade from a legacy version

Automatic Updater

The automatic updater can be invoked from the admin interface. It will download the latest version, disable your helpdesk, install, update, and then re-enable your helpdesk -- all without requring you to have command-line access to the server.

Read more: Automatic Updater (Admin Interface)

Manual Updater

The manual updater is a command you run from the command-line. It performs the same tasks as the automatic updater, but you run it from the command-line.

You may opt to use the manual updater if you want more control over when the process is run or which user the update is run as. For example, if you get permission errors running the automatic updater, then you might need to run the updater from the command-line as a super-user instead.

Read more: Update Command (CLI)

Update via server move (e.g. spin up a new virtual machine)

Sometimes it's easier to update your helpdesk by exporting all data and moving it to a brand new server. This is often the best choice when you're updating from a very old version.

Read more: Migration Tool (Linux)

Update From Source

Updating from source means downloading a fresh copy of Deskpro files and manually uploading them to your server and manually putting them in place, replacing the old version of all the files.

This is usually not necessary unless you have issues with the update command. For example, if the server cannot make a network connection over the internet to our download server (i.e. because of a firewall), then by necessity, you will need to get the files manually yourself and put them on your server yourself.

Read more: Update From Source

Profession Update Service

If you prefer, you can also purchase our professional update service from your members area. With this service, you provide us with access details (e.g. SSH, TeamViewer, etc) and one of our technicians will handle the update for you.

Migrate To Cloud

Another option is to migrate to Deskpro Cloud.

Deskpro Cloud is the same product, the only major difference is that we operate the platform for you. You don't need to think about servers or updates or high availability -- we run it all for you.

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First published: 30/09/2019

Last updated: Oct 3, 2019 by Christopher Nadeau