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Manage logins from command line


In some situations, you may end up unable to log in to the admin interface.

This may be because you forget your password, or because you’ve lost admin privileges on your account.

You can manage agent passwords and grant admin/billing access from the command line.

Navigate to the Deskpro install folder in the terminal/Command Prompt window.


php cmd.php dp:agents

to see a list of all agents.

You can then reset a password with:

php cmd.php dp:agents reset-password

or grant admin privileges with:

php cmd.php dp:agents make-admin

Deskpro will prompt you for the email address of the agent.

Run php cmd.php dp:agents --help to get full details of what this command can do.

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First published: 21/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 30, 2017 by Paul Davies