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Software requirements


Deskpro’s base requirements allow it to run on most servers that run PHP software:

  • PHP 7.4 is strongly recommended.


Deskpro is also not compatible with Elastic >= 6. You are advised to use Elastichsearch version 5.x. All our provided installers will include this version.

  • Access to the command line version of PHP (often called php or php-cli on Linux or php-win.exe on Window (usually installed by default; may not be available with some hosting services)

  • Any web server that works with PHP (Apache with php5-fpm, IIS and nginx are all supported).

  • We do not recommend using mod_php with Apache2 on Windows - Thread Safe PHP is not reliable. Instead use NTS PHP FastCGI using mod_fcgid; or use IIS.

  • MySQL version 5.0 or newer (latest version recommended)

  • The web server must have write-access to some specific Deskpro directories: backups/attachments/var/*

  • You should be able to run a cron job (or Windows Scheduled Task) once per minute (this may not be possible with some hosting services)

Deskpro also requires certain PHP extensions to be installed. All of these extensions are enabled by default in common PHP installations. The installation wizard will warn you if a required extension is missing.

  • icon
  • json
  • session
  • ctype
  • tokenizer
  • SimpleXML
  • pcre
  • mbstring
  • zlib
  • xml
  • filter
  • pdo and pdo_mysql
  • gd

Checking Requirements

The easiest way to verify you meet Deskpro requirements is to download Deskpro from and then run the command-line checker:

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First published: 17/03/2017

Last updated: Dec 16, 2019 by Colin Dunn