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Performance Boosting

Performance and Security

If you are experiencing slow performance of the agent UI, consider the following:

  1. Check Server > Error Logs for any repeated errors that are impacting performance. Note that while the Deskpro Error Log is specific to Deskpro, the PHP error logs will include PHP errors from any other PHP applications you are running on the server.

  2. Ensure you have updated to the latest build of Deskpro. If you are using an old version, a newer build will include many performance improvements.

  3. Be sure to configure your helpdesk to use Elasticsearch, so that user and agent searches are handled by this specialist search technology, instead of the database. See the end of the installation chapter for your platform in this manual for details.

  4. Make sure you have switched from storing binary files in the MySQL database to either filesystem storage or Amazon S3 cloud hosting. See the sections on switching to filesystem storage or switching to Amazon S3 storage in the Configuring file storage section for details.

  5. If you are using a version of PHP below 5.5, either upgrade to 5.5, or install a supported PHP accelerator (software which caches compiled PHP code to improve performance):

    Note that these are not required with PHP 5.5 or above, which uses its own OPCache accelerator.

  6. If you are using PHP 5.5 or above with OPCache, see the recommended OPCache settings.

  7. On Windows, ensure that you edit the DP_DATABASE_HOST value in config.php to make it ‘’, not ‘localhost’.

  8. If you have a very large number of resolved tickets (over a million) and the agent interface is slow, enable Ticket archiving

  9. If you are running Deskpro on a virtual machine, give the VM the same number of processors that the physical machine it runs on actually has.

  10. If you have a very busy helpdesk with many agents, you may want to consider separate webserver and database servers, or using multiple load-balanced nodes.

  11. Some helpdesks may benefit from increasing the PHP memory limit. If you are getting ‘Allowed memory exhausted’ errors, or getting slow sync performance with Active Directory/LDAP/database Auto Sync, increase the memory_limit value in php.ini to “256M”.

  12. See our Knowledgebase article Configuring read-only database for expensive queries if you find certain operations (like complex reports) slow down the whole helpdesk.

  13. If your agents are using low-end laptops or tablet devices (e.g. Microsoft Surface) to access the helpdesk, check to see if performance is slow with a high-end laptop or recent desktop. Some less powerful devices can’t run the agent UI well.

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First published: 21/03/2017

Last updated: Oct 30, 2017 by Paul Davies