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Running the VirtualBox image

Run From a VM

This section explains how to run Deskpro from our VirtualBox virtual machine image.

You will need a recent version of VirtualBox installed. We have tested the image on VirtualBox 4.3 and 5.0.

  1. Download the VirtualBox image.

  2. Click on the Deskpro-Helpdesk-VirtualBox.ova file.

  3. Click Import.

  4. Make sure that the new Deskpro-Helpdesk image is selected, then click Settings.

  5. If there are warnings about any invalid settings, fix them. For example, you may be prompted to increase the amount of video memory allocated in the Display section.

  6. Under Network, ensure that the Network Adapter type is set to Bridged Adapter.

  7. Start the VM. Don’t worry about any messages that scroll by while it boots up.

  8. When prompted, enter a password for the Linux root user. It’s important that you remember this password.


    Re-enter the password to confirm, highlight Set password, and press Enter.

  9. The VM will now display a welcome screen showing the IP address where you can access DeskPRO in your browser.


  10. Go to the IP address and follow the instructions to create your Deskpro admin account and register for your free trial.

If the VM screen goes black, you can press any key to get back to the welcome screen.

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First published: 17/03/2017

Last updated: Jul 17, 2018 by Colin Dunn