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Spiceworks Importer

Importing Data

Spiceworks importer script


This tool will connect to your Spiceworks database and export your data in the standard Deskpro Import Format.

After this tool completes, you will run the standard Deskpro import process to save the data to your live helpdesk.

What does it import?

  • Agents (Staff)
  • Users
  • Tickets
  • Ticket Messages
  • Ticket (Agent) Notes
  • Ticket Message Attachments


Import Data

Run the import process to fetch all of your data from Spiceworks:

$ cd /path/to/deskpro
$ php bin/console dp:import spiceworks

You can now optionally verify the integrity of your data:

$ php bin/console dp:import:verify

When you're ready, go ahead and apply the import to your live database:

$ php bin/console dp:import:apply

And finally, you can clean up the temporary data files from the filesystem:

$ php bin/console dp:import:clean


If your main admin account existed in both Spiceworks and Deskpro, you may have inadvertently removed your own admin permissions by running this import. You can restore your permissions here: - or you can preventatively add a unique admin account in Deskpro which does not get overwritten by the new data.

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First published: 25/09/2018

Last updated: Sep 25, 2018 by Anthony Robinson