As well as the expressions referenced in our guides  you can use the IN function in DPQL.

The IN operator allows you to specify multiple values in the WHERE clause - essentially it's a shorthand for multiple 'OR' arguments.

A common example of where this might be used is when querying statuses.

You might want to count all the open ticket in your helpdesk.

In Deskpro though open tickets can fall under one of three statuses  - awaiting agent, awaiting user and pending.

Using OR

You could run the below:

FROM tickets
WHERE tickets.status = 'awaiting_agent' OR tickets.status = 'awaiting_user' OR tickets.status = 'pending'

this would output the correct data but is a bit longwinded.

Using IN

An easier way to do it though is to use the IN operator:

FROM tickets
WHERE tickets.status IN('awating agent', 'awaiting_user', 'pending')

Published: 25/06/2019

Last updated: 26/07/2019