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Customizing portal content


Most of the content displayed on the portal (Knowledgebase articles, news posts, downloads, and glossary terms) is created and managed from the Publish app in the agent interface. Community Topics are managed from the agent Community app.

There are some aspects of portal content that can be customized from the admin interface.

Managing portal labels

You can manage labels for portal content by going to User Interface > Setup and then clicking Manage for the individual section (that is, Knowledgebase, News, Downloads and Community).

You can delete or merge labels that your agents create. See the Managing labels section for details.

Hiding and displaying portal sections

If Ticket & Publish Mode is enabled, you can go to the Portal Sections area to turn sections on and off. Turning off a section disables it for all users. If you want to restrict access to a portal section for certain users only, you can arrange this with Usergroup permissions.

You can manage advanced settings for each portal section by clicking the gray gear icon at the upper right of the section.

This allows you to access these settings:

Enable the tab in the portal tab bar: disable this option to remove the section from the upper navigation area of the portal, while leaving it enabled elsewhere.

For example, this is what it looks like before and after this option is disabled for the Knowledgebase section:


Enable subscriptions: disable this option to prevent users subscribing to Knowledgebase categories or articles for updates when the content changes.

Note that turning off a section in this way only prevents it from being displayed on the portal; any content isn’t deleted, and remains accessible through Publish/Community in the agent interface. You can continue to create content even if the section isn’t being displayed. So you could, for example, disable your Knowledgebase section while it’s empty, write an initial set of articles, then enable it again.

Permissions will also affect the display of portal sections.

Sections are not shown if the user does not have:

  • the correct usergroup permissions (set in CRM > Permission Groups)
  • for Contact Us, sufficient department permissions to use at least one department available on the form (set in Tickets > Departments in the Permissions tab)

Note that the Everyone and Registered usergroups can affect what agents see on the portal. For example, suppose you have a single department, with Everyone and Registered permissions disabled. Your agents will not be able to see the Contact Us section on the portal, even if they have agent permissions to use that department in the agent interface.


Ticket deflection

Ticket deflection directs users who are about to submit a ticket to knowledgebase articles that might solve their problem, by showing them Related Articles.

If you enable this option from Tickets > Settings, when users start typing into the Contact Us ticket submission form on the portal, matching articles will be suggested automatically.


Portal contact form layout

You can edit the layout of the contact (ticket submission) form, including having different layouts for each department. See the section Ticket form layouts for details.

Custom ticket form

You can customize the layout of the Contact Us section ticket submission form from Tickets > Departments, using the Layout tab. See the section on Ticket form layouts for details.

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First published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: Sep 10, 2019 by Grace Howlett