Basic portal settings


Your portal is the web-based interface for your users to interact with the helpdesk. It’s located at the top-level web address of your helpdesk, like or

Users can use the portal to submit tickets, view their previous tickets, change their account details, view content created by agents, leave comments and submit feedback items.

You can embed portal functions into your existing website. See the Embedding the whole portal chapter for details.

The basic settings of the portal are available at Admin > User Interface > Setup.


You can switch the portal between Ticket & Publish Mode and Tickets-Only Mode.

Switch to Tickets-Only Mode if you only want your users to be able to view and manage their tickets on the portal.

Enable Ticket & Publish Mode if you want any of your users to be able to use any of these portal sections: Knowledgebase, Downloads, News and Community (in addition to managing their tickets).

Published: 23/03/2017

Last updated: 10/09/2019