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Tickets in Multi-Brands

Multi-Branded Portals


Using tickets will help your agents to prioritize their workflow's. Tickets can be tracked by their status. The status of a Ticket tells you whether an Agent or User needs to "act next" or whether the Ticket has been resolved.

Every Ticket has a unique Ticket ID number. These are assigned in the same order that the Tickets are created.

You can group Tickets by Brand or create filters, which helps to track Tickets. The addition of powerful search allows your Agents to find any of your brands Tickets in the helpdesk. Every Ticket and Contact Form links to a brand. When a User submits a ticket via one of your portals, your helpdesk routes it to the correct Department. Agents can change the brand associated when creating a new Ticket, or Tickets can be created by email.


A single Ticket might be assigned back and forth between several Agents as well as the user, and go through several different statuses, before it is resolved or deleted. You can view the details of a Ticket’s history when you open it in the Content Pane. Tickets can also be "weighted" by their level of urgency, which is helpful for your Agents to prioritize the tickets that are created.

To view the Ticket's Urgency rating

  • Select a ticket by clicking on the ticket in the agent profile
  • In the ticket viewing pane, underneath the ticket details, select button with the number in it and a drop down menu
  • Select the rating that you would like to give the ticket


Tickets keep a full record of any changes that have been made to the Ticket, from changing the status of the Ticket, to the urgency and the "next to act". All time based information is also available to the Agent, this will let your Agent know when the Ticket was created and when the last activity was on the Ticket, waiting time between responses from both the Agent or the user. This is helpful for reporting purposes and will also help Agents and Agent managers to get an idea of response times.

To view the Ticket's Logs and the Time and Date Stamps

  • Select a Ticket by clicking on the Ticket in the Agent profile
  • In the Ticket Viewing Pane on the left hand side of the screen, click on Full Log or the Dates & Tmes tabs - close to the bottom of the pane


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First published: 26/06/2017

Last updated: Oct 27, 2017 by Paul Davies