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Ticket Triggers in Multi-Brands

Multi-Branded Portals

Ticket Triggers

Triggers are automatic processes that perform actions in response to Ticket events. Most automatic processes that the helpdesk carries out, such as sending out notification emails and escalating Tickets to higher urgency ratings or informing team leaders, are controlled by Triggers. You can edit the Triggers to control exactly how your helpdesk operates by creating custom Triggers to help you adjust your internal workflow and business processes to efficiently manage multiple brands.

Your helpdesk comes with default Triggers which carry out basic helpdesk processes such as:

  • Sending an email to the user when an Agent replies to their ticket
  • Sending notification emails to Agents based on their Account preferences
  • Sending a notification email to the user when an Agent creates a new Ticket for them
  • Carrying out email validation for a new user (if enabled on your helpdesk)

These are explained in the Triggers section of the admin manual.

To create or edit Triggers:

  • Log in to your Admin Interface
  • Click on the Tickets heading in the Filter Pane
  • Then select the Triggers heading that you wish to make use of: New Ticket Triggers, New Reply Triggers or Ticket Update Triggers

You can edit the attributes of the Triggers in the Content Pane to suit your Trigger's needs.



When you set up a custom Trigger, don’t forget to edit or disable any simple/default Triggers which do the same thing.

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First published: 26/06/2017

Last updated: May 23, 2018 by Irene Tortorella