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Snippet Variables in Multi-Brands

Multi-Branded Portals

Snippet Variables

Snippet Variables are a great way in which to add the Variables that may occur in responding to multiple emails at a time. Snippet Variables lets you type the text body once, add the Snippet Variable to your text and the Variable's will be added in to the response automatically, saving your Agent's time.

You can automatically insert relevant information into your Ticket Snippets using Variables.


When using a Shortcut Code, as in the above example, type %Display Name% and your Snippet will appear in place of the Snippet.

For example, to make a Snippet which addresses the user by name, you can add the following to the Snippet content: Hello {{ ticket.person.display_name }}

When the Snippet is used in a message, the Variable is replaced by the user's registered name.

The easiest way to insert Variables is to select them from the list at the lower right of the Ticket Snippets window, then click Insert Variable.

The following Variables are available.

Snippet variable Value inserted
{{ ticket.product.title }} current product of ticket
{{ ticket.category.title }} current category of ticket
{{ ticket.workflow.title }} current workflow stage of ticket
{{ ticket.priority.title }} current priority of ticket
{{ }} ticket ID number
{{ ticket.ref }} ticket ref code
{{ ticket.fieldX }} display a custom ticket field;replace X with field ID *
{{ ticket.date_created }} time and date ticket was created e.g. 2014-03-14 11:38:17
{{ ticket.agent.display_name }} the name of currently assigned agent(or override name if set)
{{ ticket.person.display_name }} user’s name
{{ ticket.person.fieldX }} display a custom user field; replace X with field ID *

* you can find out the IDs to use for custom fields by using the insert Variable function, or asking your Admin's.


Snippet "Shortcut Code's" should be created in such a way that they are easily remembered or logical for the specific application i.e. Agent Display Name; Person Display Name; Ticket ID Number; Ticket Ref Code etc. This will make it easier for the user of the Snippets to insert the correct Snippet at the correct time.

::: Warning Variables are not supported in Chat Snippets. :::

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First published: 26/06/2017

Last updated: Jun 26, 2017 by Paul Davies