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Multi-Branded Portals

Multi-Branded Portals are a great way to support many brands or departments on a single helpdesk.

A "parent company" that has one or more subsidiary company's could use a Multi-Branded Portal solution. Much the same as a company that wants to seperate their sales function from the support function. Any correspondence that occurs through the 'Branded Portal' goes to the correct team of Agent's within the organization.

Each Portal within an organization can run on its own domain or sub-domain. Giving the Brand/department a level of autonomy that it may need.



Multi-brands enable an organization to support different services. Each of the services / brands that it controls are split in a clear and distinct manner. All content can be made available through each individual portal, such as:

  1. News
  2. Knowledgebase Articles
  3. Guides
  5. Feedback
  6. Contact Form

You can assign agents to the brands that they know best. You are also able to assign single agent's to multiple brands. Brands links to departments, so that you can set up a contact form for each department. You can attach these contact forms to relevant brands. You can also display brand specific forms by creating unique departments.

Customizing your multi-branded portals

Each portal can have it’s own logo, welcome message, font type and color. You are able to customize each of your Portal's to suit the brand’s needs. You can flick between the various branded Portals to give each brand its own unique tone. There are options for more advanced editing by using our templates or CSS editor. Simply skip between the various portals in order to customize them, for more advanced editing, you may use our template and CSS editor.


To customize a brand specific portal:

  • Log in to the Admin interface
  • Select the Portal button from the Apps tab running down the far left hand side of the page, this will open a new browser window or tab
  • Click the drop down arrow in the "ADMIN" option in the header or the new page or tab and select "Portal Design & Templates" This will open the Admin interface
  • Hover over the Apps bar and click on Admin
  • Select the User Interface heading from the filter pane that scrolls out
  • Click on the Portal heading All corporate branding can be customized from here, from colors and fonts to company logos and welcome messages can be edited from here. You can use the advanced editing function from here.
  • Go to User Interface, then select "Portal" to change the look of the Portal to match that brand's requirements Colors, fonts, spacing and a "Welcome Message" can all be added and edited from here.
  • To edit these functions, simply click on the respective header and make the required changes
  • For extra control over the design of a Portal, you can make use of one of the templates and even edit the HTML, Javascript and CSS of the portal


For more information on making edits to the templates, you can also Portal templates which gives you a greater degree of control over layout and content.

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First published: 26/06/2017

Last updated: Oct 27, 2017 by Paul Davies