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Escalations in Multi-Brands

Multi-Branded Portals


Escalations are a set of predefined actions that are run once a Ticket has been in a certain state for a set amount of time. Escalations are used to ensure that all Tickets are dealt with in a timely manner, you could use an Escalation to increase the urgency of older Tickets, or to automatically assign Tickets that have gone unresolved for too long to a manager or team leader.

When you create or edit an escalation, you define what state a Ticket must be in for an certain period of time and then the actions that will take place once the parameters have been met.

Creating an Escalation

Create a new Escalation by going to Tickets in your Admin Profile

  • Log in to your Admin Interface
  • Click on the Tickets heading in the Filter Pane
  • Click on the Escalations heading

From here you can create a new Escalation


or edit an existing Escalation


A new escalation will only apply to tickets that are created after you make it and after you enable it.

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First published: 26/06/2017

Last updated: Jun 15, 2018 by Irene Tortorella