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Email Templates

Editing Templates

In order to manage and create Email Templates, you will need to go to Admin > Emails > Template Editor. Once there you will be able to view your email templates by selecting the appropriate template in the top right-hand side.

Once the template has been chosen, the template itself will appear on the left, and the live preview of the ticket will be on the right. Any change you make will be shown in the preview panel, so you can always be confident with the emails that are being sent out.

The Language drop-down field along the top of the template will easily update the language in which the template is being viewed.

This will be especially useful when checking updating phrases


If too many edits have been made, there is a 'Reset Template' option which will revert all of the updates made.

The template editor itself will highlight variables phrases and sub-templates


Green blocks to additional templates that are linked to the open Email Template. Clicking on the block will open up the template and allow you to update this template in a pop-up window:



These can be accessed in two ways. Clicking on the blue reference block in the template will option the edit window where the phrase can be updated for all languages.

Screenshot to be taken later.

Alternatively all the Phrases can be accessed using the Phrases drop down field at the top of the page:



Will be indicated in the template with red curly brackets:


While looking at Ticket variables, there will be an option to enter a ticket ID to view an example of what the variable will show for the ticket ID is entered



This tab will allow you to easily add in images and attachments to your emails

Testing Emails

Above the preview of the email, there is also the option to send a copy of the email out. Simply choose the Email Account that you would like to send the email from (if you have multiple Email Account) and enter the email address that is ready to receive the test email.


Creating a New Template

When creating a new email template, you will be required to provide a template name, which will be used when selecting the template.

When creating the content, you can either create the template from scratch by choosing the 'Blank' option or select an existing template and update accordingly.


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First published: 24/03/2020

Last updated: Jul 20, 2020 by Emily Booth