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User registration

CRM and usergroups

User registration settings govern how users can create new accounts.

You can also install authentication apps to let users or agents log in with credentials for sources outside Deskpro - for example, Active Directory or a Google account. See the chapter onAuthentication and SSO for details.

User registration settings

Go to CRM > Auth & SSO and click on Deskpro to change the helpdesk’s settings for user registration.


These settings only apply for users who log in using the built-in DeskPRO account system. You may be using an alternative Authentication and SSO such as Active Directory or OneLogin for some or all of your users.

Enable/disable Registration


This controls the ability for users to sign up for an account via the web portal. If you disable registration, existing users can log in, but the links to register are not shown:


Agents (or an authentication app) must create all new user accounts.

Tickets submitted by email will only be accepted if the email From: address is already registered as a user’s email address. Disabling registration gives you more control over who can access the helpdesk, at the expense of more time spent managing user accounts.

If you are using an Authentication and SSO and you want that to be the only way user accounts can be created, you may want to disable registration.

Enable the “Everyone” Group

Users who are not logged in (guests) are able to carry out actions defined by permissions granted by the Everyone usergroup. See the Usergroup permissions section for a full explanation of usergroups.

Uncheck this option to disable the Everyone usergroup. This will require all users to log in to do anything on the helpdesk - including viewing portal content.

This is a useful option if you want to make sure that only users who have accounts can interact with your helpdesk.

Restricting access to part of the portal

The registration and email validation settings apply to every part of the helpdesk.

To restrict access to only part of the portal, you need to apply Usergroup permissions. User permissions are set through usergroups: you can make it so that only a certain usergroup can use a portal function (like chat or the knowledgebase). You can also have categories within Knowledgebase, Downloads and News that are only available to certain usergroups.

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