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Access DeskPRO API using Excel or PowerBI


If you need to obtain and handle data outside of Deskpro, you can connect to our API either from Excel or PowerBI using the below details:

1- Open Excel, and the open Power Query Editor

2- Click in New Source > Other Sources > Web


3- Select the Advanced radio button and the enter:

  • URL Part: The endpoint you want to query, in this case was /api/v2/tickets/1
  • HTTP Header, select Autorization annd then enter the API key like the example: key 3:87548975634289756439 -Click ok


4- If you click on the data, it will show the records present in the endpoint


5- At the end select the fields you want to import into the table and the records are imported.


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First published: 12/11/2019

Last updated: Nov 12, 2019 by Hugo Pinto